Terms & Conditions

Furdtk Company operates an e-commerce platform through a website and a mobile phone application “Furdtk – Fruits & Vegetables” located in Kuwait. The company determined a set of general terms and provisions that applies to Furdtk customers. These general terms and provisions regulate your use of the Furdtk or any related services.

Website Signing Up

The website’s application form is to be filled with valid information. You must acknowledge the accuracy and integrity of this submitted information.

If you sign up at Furdtk, you will be asked to insert your email/username and a password. Furthermore, the following must be affirmed:

Keep your password secret.

Notify us immediately (by contacting the customer service) in case your password is compromised.

Acknowledge your full responsibility for any activity or losses that result from disclosing your password.

Our company has the absolute right, without any prior notification, to suspend or cancel your account or modify its information with the complete commitment to redeem the value of any ordered products provided that those general terms and provisions aren’t breached.

Your Furdtk account can be closed by contacting the customer service.

Returning Products and Value Redeem

The process of product returning is done in accordance with the terms that are indicated on the Returns page of our website. Accepting the returned product is left to the company’s discretion and shall be concluded in accordance to the effective laws of Kuwait.

The Content

The company doesn’t allow the customers or competitors to use, rephrase or translate any of the website content or its photos.

Information Privacy

The entire customer’s personal information are secured with the latest electronic means and advanced codes that negate the possibility of accessing them. The customer is committed to keep the secrecy of his/her information. The customer is also fully responsible for any action results from disclosing this information.

Breach of the General Terms and Provisions

Upon approving the signing up request, your account is deemed eternal unless any violation of the general terms and provisions has been done by the customer. In case the violation of these terms and provisions is doubted, our store has the genuine right to cancel the account or suspend it temporarily and preventing the you from any further signing up process.


Judicial Competence

Those stated terms and provisions are governed by the effective laws of Kuwait. Any disputes related to these general terms and provisions shall be subject to the judiciary authority of the Kuwaiti Courts.